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Sugar Creek Road Ventures, Charlotte, NC

Developing 18-acre parcel in an Industrial area that falls under Transit Oriented Development Zone (TOD) and walkable distance to the new metro line that connects to Downtown Charlotte and UNC Charlotte. We are currently going through the rezoning process to Multi-Family & Mixed Use development for maximizing the returns.

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Kennedy St Condo Project, Washington DC

Building 33 Condos and 3500 Sq Ft of Retail space on the first floor. Acquired ready to build lots with city approved plans in growth neighborhoods of Washington, DC. Currently, we are in the pre-construction phase.

Providence Commons Charlotte, NC

Developing a 26-acre commercial mixed-use center in Union County just south of Ballantyne in Charlotte, NC. Currently, it is zoned for 200,000 sq ft of mixed-use and Office/Retail. Plans are to rezone a portion of land to accommodate Multifamily to maximize the returns.

Why Real Estate

Enjoy Cash Flow

When costs are paid, financial specialists get cash quarterly money dispersion.

Security of Investment

Multifamily Real Estate is more secure. It even outperforms S&P 500.

Tax Write-Offs

Keep more of your profits! Depreciation can be written off when you file for taxes.

Get More with Less

Real Estate offers awesome leverage. Even with $25M, you can buy four times worth of properties.

Long-Term Wealth

Easy amortization terms let residents pay down debt which results to better equity and eventually to long-term income.

Time Adds Value

The value of real properties only keeps rising year after year.

How It Works

  • We find money to buy real property assets.
  • We invest in real estate that produces income.
  • Our investors get quarterly distributions.

The Brighton Capital Advantage

  • Brighton Capital Advantage invests in the same properties as the investors.
  • Investors get access to institutional grade investments.
  • Self Directed IRA/401k & LLC's for investors.
  • Asset depreciation can be written-off as an expense.
  • Institutional grade underwriting is provided to investors.
  • Investors receive cash flow distributions four times a year.
  • Profitable returns more than most traditional investment options in the market.
  • True ownership in an LLC (Limited Liability Company).

About Us

Brighton Capital is a privately owned and operated real estate investment, development, and management firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Real Estate Development

We provide investors, partners, and real estate users with comprehensive real estate developmental services that deliver exceptional risk-adjusted returns.

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With us as your capital raise partners, we can help you maximize returns and reduce liability, whether you need it for growth capital, recapitalization, or acquisition funding.

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